Wedding Collections

Interested in our photography collections? Instead of making you guess what every package has, we’d like to keep it simple. Listed below are the core essentials that make up every one of our wedding photography packages.

All Day Photographer Coverage- Aimee Drake and her team will dedicate themselves to you for your entire day – from wedding preparation until the events of the reception are over. Many photographers start their packages with a slim 6 hours of coverage, and then force you to add on additional hours at a costly rate.  We believe in visually telling your story from start to finish.

Professional Artistic Retouching- Our trained digital staff will go through each photo with a fine tooth comb to make sure your photos come out perfectly. Using high-end software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, we ensure the best quality of every photo. Of course, most photography firms only enhance a select number of images – many times charging you by the photo! Not us – we hand retouch every single photo you receive from us, and because we shoot an unlimited amount of photos on your day, you’re going to love the depth of photography you’ll receive.

Personal Online Photo Album & Print Lab- Your beautiful photos will be available for all your friends and family to see on your custom made website. Presented beautifully for an entire three months, this will be a feature worth sharing. Best yet, conveniently order professional lab prints that get shipped directly to your door!

Modern Collection- $1100
Our Modern Photography package is our entrance point to our brand of fun & elegant photography. A moderately priced package, our hope is to make our artistic style of photography available to as many couples as possible.  Enjoy your wedding day, as Aimee and her team of photographers create candid and romantic imagery. Perfect for those just desiring a Wedding album and not alot of prints, we can share our eye for inventive & creative style.  Just pay the $500 retainer to hold the date, and set up a payment plan for the remainder of the balance. 
Elegant Collection- $2400
In our opinion, this package is where our photography comes to life. It’s tangible, it’s beautiful, and it’s real. It’s your custom made with our custom designed wedding albums, and beautiful wall prints this package will bring your wedding day back to life everytime you look through your album.

If words could describe our service– it would be this -where wonderful photography meets storytelling. A totally unique way to tell your wedding story.  After paying the $500 retainer to reserve your wedding date, we are able to set up a conveinent payment plan for the remainder of the balance.
Royal Collection- $3500
Your parents will thank you, and your children probably will too. Our Royal Collection package is the premier way to commemorate your love for years to come. Building off of our Elegant collection, this collection encompasses everything that makes Aimee Drake and her team stand apart from the others.  You’ll receive a prefessionally designed wedding album containing up to 300 wedding day images – and a gift for your parents; Two (2) 10” x 8” Wedding StoryBooks will be available for parents, family, or close friends. Everything for the perfect preservation of your memories.  By paying the $500 retainer to reserve your wedding date, we can setup a conveinent payment plan for the remainder of your balance.
Travel expenses will be applied to the cost of the package
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